How to Get Started with Active Trader Setups

How to Get Started with Active Trader Setups

Our Recommendations to Starting a New Trading Journey

Are you actually ready to make a change to your approach to day trading or swing trading.  Are you a New Trader hoping not to become a part of the 92% of Day Traders that fail.  Are you willing to put in the time to learn to create a trading plan around our charts and indicators that will build discipline and encourage Trade Management with a Plan.

If you are looking for that easy path to quick profits.  To jump right in and start trading today and see amazingly easy big money profits.  Quick in and out fast paced trading.  THEN YOU ARE IN THE WRONG PLACE.  This is not what we have created or encourage.

Please read the first paragraph again.  If the answer is YES.  Then welcome to Active Trader Setups Trading and Charting Package.

Active Trader Setups - Trading Package OR Trade Management Tools

Sign up Today. Take advantage of FREE Education and Training Videos on our Education Channel. Complete Trading Package. Create your Trading Plan Today. Visit our Trader Members Area for in depth package content.

  • Be sure to Install the latest version of NinjaTrader and select a Data Provider for Tick by Tick Data.

    Installation Guide page will include Links, Instructions, and Suggestions.

  • Email your NinjaTrader Machine ID and Request for User Name for Trader Members Website

    Email to

    Your Machine ID can be found in the Control Panel > Help > About  (Highlight the Machine ID, press "Ctrl + C" to copy, then paste to your email.

    In your email send us a desired User Name (Min 4 Characters) and Password for our Trader Members website.

    Trader Members
  • Install Active Trader Setups Trading Package

    We will send you a link to Instructions Page with download links. Support Assistance is available if needed.

  • Use our YouTube Installation and User Tools Play List

    Our Play List has videos for Installation and Getting Started.  These videos will also walk you through creating workspaces and downloading tick by tick data.  Guide to help get started reviewing charts, scanners, and alert logs.

    Installation and User Tools - You Tube Playlist