Active Trading Strategy Education and Training

Active Trading Strategy Education and Training

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Training Videos Free to everyone.  Our Indicator Package is a Full Year subscription allowing time to learn the Trading Package Charts and Setups necessary to developing a day trading or swing trading strategy that works for you.  Our program is a Self Study System, you can learn twice as much in half the time utilizing our YouTube Training Videos.  You can pace yourself on your time schedule, review sections of the videos multiple times as well.

Active Trader Setups Bar Chart Trader - Trade Management Add-On for NinjaTrader

NOW AVAILABLE !!!!  ATS Bar Chart Trader with proprietary candlestick stand alone subscription.  $ 199.00 per year. 

If you are NOT looking for a new indicator system and you have your own trading setups and trading plan for finding and entering your trades, but are looking for a way to manage your trades, quick control to modify your stops and targets.  Then you need to check out the ATS Bar Chart Trader Add-On.

With the ability to acquire your position at any time.

We are listening and are now offering our ATS Bar Chart Button Trader trade management tool as a stand alone subscription.

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Active Trader Setups Charting and Trading Package Registration Information

Active Trader Setups Trading Package

Sign up Today. Take advantage of FREE Education and Training Videos on our Education Channel. Complete Trading Package. Create your Trading Plan Today. Visit our Trader Members Area for in depth package content.

Are you ready to make a change to your approach to day trading or swing trading.  Are you a New Trader hoping not to become a part of the 92% of Day Traders that fail.  Are you willing to put in the time to learn to create a trading plan around our charts and indicators that will build discipline and encourage Trade Management with a Plan.

Trading Package General Education Videos

Introduction to Active Trader Setups Charting and Trading System

Top Education Study Video Playlist

Below Video is Version 1 and are still relevant trading setups and training videos (this video is pre Cloud and ATS Inflection Point Charts)

Projection Charting Real Time Advance Trade Alerts on the Charts 

Trading and Training Series

Trading and Training Series for Active Trader Setups Trading and Charting Package Reviewing chart and trading setups on various charts and indicators to learn and recognize trading opportunities when they present themselves. Stocks Trading and Futures Trading

Stock Chart Talk Series

Our Channel located at has many videos for day trading, active trading, and swing trading.  See Recent Post at the bottom of this page.

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